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Faret Group will meet with you in the online broadcast room of the 2020 Canton Fair

2020-10-07 15:10:56

?Faret Group will meet with you for online live broadcast of the 2020 Canton Fair

In 2020, the 128th Canton Fair will be held on the Internet from October 15 to 24. Faret Group will upload a large number of exhibits through pictures, pictures, videos, 3DVR and other forms, and continue to bring more efficient, accurate and innovative cooling products to customers, and enjoy the zero-distance brought by science and technology. Faret sincerely invites customers from all circles to visit and guide online!

For 20 years, Faret Group has been building "Polar bear" radiator brand with high quality, high service and high standard, which has been widely concerned by international buyers and domestic customers. In the 128th Canton Fair, Faret will show online live broadcast, 3D virtual exhibition and factory 3DVR, showing the manufacturing strength of Faret "Polar bear" brand and the rigorous process of cooling products to the global audience.

Fair warning


Scenario simulation

The 128th session of Faret Group will present a 3D virtual pavilion. Each zone can be entered by clicking the color block directly. Let customers have the feeling of offline exhibition!


Factory 3VR panorama

In order to let customers know us more truly, Faret Group USES 3DVR panorama technology to see the factory in a panoramic way, so that buyers can visit the factory on the spot and customers can have a better experience of our products and services.


24 hours online service


At the 128th Canton Fair, Faret online exhibition has provided global customers with more efficient services such as 24-hour online promotion, procurement docking, live broadcasting and online negotiation.

Panorama display of Faret factory 3DVR

Faret 3D virtual booth


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