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National Day Mid-Autumn festival, double festival, faret group wishes you a happy holiday, family reunion!

2020-10-07 14:10:50

Happy Mid-Autumn reunion, cheers for National Day.

Golden autumn, celebrating all over the country,

Just the birthday of the motherland and the Mid-Autumn Festival!

The staff of Faret group would like to extend our sincere greetings to all our new and old customers and friends from all walks of life who care and support our company. Sincerely wish you and your family a happy holiday, peace and good luck, happy reunion!


Divine advancement, national prosperity; Magnificent mountains and rivers, emerged years; Jiangshan is not old, the motherland evergreen! Faret group works with the motherland, adheres to the party's ideological line, closely follows the national development strategy, and comprehensively establishes strategic partnership with global customers including countries along the "One Belt And One Road" with "core technology, excellent quality and quality service", insists on mutual benefit and win-win situation, and promotes the "made in China" national brand to the world. To the 71st Birthday of new China! May our great motherland always be prosperous and peaceful!

The whole world celebrates National Day

Spend the full moon and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

Employee care

Whole.the group has made great strides in recent years, remarkable achievements, steady growth, we are well aware of the group twenty years of development and growth, is indispensable to every hard work of ferrari's got talent, also cannot leave all the way to support our families of employees, even more to fellow partners sincere cooperation and support, our gratitude everyone dies.

For the future construction of Faret Group, the realization of a better life for employees, the contribution to the development of the radiator industry, and the commitment to fulfill social responsibility, you and I still need to shoulder the responsibility together, hand in hand!

Faret Auto Radiator

To achieve the dream of cooling craftsmanship

Faret radiator, zhenxin, Zhenyi, excellent quality

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