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We believe that staff are not only the most important asset, but also the basic foundation. FARET pay attention to work under circumstance of passion, science and open to provide our staff a exciting career and promising career developing space.

We assure staff can access to all the information and enough work freedom to exert their potential. Communication and training is the basic elements of our management culture. In the meantime, we believe that they can fulfill their jobs correctly and excellently.

We will discuss with the staff and their feedback of their personal performance to meet their need during the achievement of our future business. We offer career development opportunity to our staff and expect they can take responsibility of their own development. It is very crucial to provide appropriate training and development to the growth of the company and the staff.

We offer various job opportunity match with staff ability and keep the balance between work and life. We know staff expectation of working conditon is differ from his life stage and his ideal.

FARET warmly welcome all the people from differnet nation, education background and working experience to join us. We know that creativity and reform ability is the most outstanding under such culture diversity environment.

We encourage staff to work actively, creatively and constructively to challenge old working ways, because curiosity and bravity can inspire people to discover new working methods.

FARET seeks the mutual growth of the company and staff throughout, to provide good working environment and various career development opportunities and chances of training and international exchange to our staff.

With a standard set up for job evaluation and performance to the staff which keep every staff clearly notice their responsibility and exact requirement, inspire staff to overcome every difficulty their encounter during the working and fulfill their mission. Be optimistic, responsible and keep learning and practice to obtain career development opportunity.

FARET recommend that every departments and staff to cooperate on the basis of the unified mission and complete trust. With team advantages to create the company advantages. Encourage information sharing and keep good work relationship between staff, and appreciate others contribution to the company.

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